Find an Outlet

One of the most important things that I have done to help myself with conquering my anxiety is to find an outlet. For me that has become theatre. I have loved performing my whole life and so when my anxiety started getting in the way of enjoying it, I knew that I had to do something. The thing that I have to remind myself is that being nervous about acting in front of a large crowd is normal and so I have to distinguish between my anxiety and everyday worries. Whenever I get anxious about performing I remember that 1) it is my favorite thing in the whole world; 2) nothing terrible has ever happened on stage; and 3) that when I step on that stage I am not Liza, I am a character. I think that is something that really helped me to push through; to remember that when I am acting I can be whoever I want my character to be. When I become a character, Liza’s anxieties go away. Whatever your favorite thing is I encourage you to go put your heart and soul into it because it can really get you through some tough times with your anxiety. Don’t let your anxiety stop you from doing your favorite thing. When you step onto your “stage”, whatever that may be (soccer field, dance floor, etc.), remember that you can be anyone you want to be there and you can leave your anxiety at the door. Then you can transfer that same confidence in your day to day life, thinking, “today I’m going to be a confident me, not an anxious me”. 


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